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Looks like I have started following all things LA

Following up on the BBC POP UP…. they have been writing more about Louisiana in their travel across the US series.

Read  this very sad story about how islands are disappearing due to natural erosion…..



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Thanks Team & BR citizens

I’d like to thank  all the Baton Rouge citizens for  their support and kindness during our stay. We enjoyed your city while we were learning about and understanding the traffic challenges in your community.

I  want to thank and recognize  my Baton Rouge SCC family: Karthikeyan, Chai, Marie, Maria, Steve, Anne & Jennifer for their enthusiasm, teamwork, solidarity and fun experiences during our three-week adventure.

As Marie said,we enjoyed the food, the swamp, the city, the traffic, the people,  and the attractions,  but what I enjoyed the most was  learning in a multicultural environment from my team.

Thanks again and good luck!!br4 124 br1 027

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Ciao ciao Baton Rouge, it’s been fun!

I’m now safely home after having spent the last 3 weeks in Baton Rouge as part of the IBM Smarter Cities Challenge. It’s been an eventful few weeks; I attend my first ever American football game, tasted alligator for the first time, learned more about transportation than I ever thought possible, and interviewed more than 80 experts and influencers across Baton Rouge – politicians, city planners, traffic engineers, CEOs, mayors, pastors, and lots of Baton Rouge citizens. It’s been a whirlwind. Huge thanks to everyone that met with us and I truly wish you all the best with your city as it continues to reinvent itself and its transportation system.

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Baton Rouge in the news on BBC this morning…..

We have heard while in Baton Rouge about the St George breakaway, and that is what was on news when I switched on television this morning (yeah, I do watch bbc – I do tune in to get some news)


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Farewell, Baton Rouge

After living here for 3 weeks, it is time to say goodbye.  I would like to thank Mayor-President Holden and his staff, the city and its citizens for their hospitality and I have thoroughly enjoyed dining the wide variety of cuisine, seeing the sights and participating in activities.  I must admit that I have put on quite a few pounds during these weeks.  As luck would have it, for a nice parting gift, Steve spotted Brent Musburger, a legend in sport broadcasting, dining at the same restaurant tonight.  As he was leaving the restaurant, we went over to talk to him.  He is very nice and we even got to take a picture with him.  Overall it was a wonderful experience to participate in the Smarter Cities Challenge and I wish the city all the best for the future.

picture with Brent Musberger v2

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Why a Mexican eats Mexican food in Baton Rouge?

Today, after many days captured working in our operational center (home), we went to take dinner out.

We chose a good option from local recommendations. So,  why a Mexican in Baton Rouge goes to dinner at a Mexican restaurant? I never do that,  and many answers could come to your mind. Some of them: because I miss the food, because I wanted to rate this restaurant, because I’m curiosity, or I want to order my dinner in Spanish……NO, The real reason is: I went because the team has been together almost 3 weeks and I consider it important to keep this union.

Besides that,  We had a very good, relaxing dinner enjoying the “Baton Rouge Caribbean Fusion Mix Cuisine”, we need this “power fuel” for the days to come.

br11 009

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Louisiana cooking, Part III

I will be the first one to admit that my cupcakes in our cooking class  failed miserably.  It was so bad that I don’t have a picture of them to mark the occasion. Except for that mishap, we have all enjoyed the different types of food that Louisiana has to offer that we want to replicate these gastronomical delights when we travel back home. Yesterday we went to a produce market that the chef recommended to load up on authentic Cajun spices, herbs, and Jambalaya mixes. There were many choices available, some with interesting brand names  ;-). We also saw all kinds of pickled products, including quail eggs.

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