Meeting Emma and Maria -Two Extraordinary Women of Argentina

Tuesday we conducted a Design Thinking workshop for the stakeholders we have interviewed as part of our project with the city. The day was extremely productive. At the end of the day we had the opportunity to visit the I0T lab at the IBM Martinez site, where the workshop took place.

EMMA wearing her IBM badge

We have had the pleasure of working with German Santini, during our time here. He is one of the brilliant people we have met at IBM in Argentina who are using their off time to develop an IoT lab. They are a group of dedicated IBMers who spend nights and weekends coming up with ideas on their own and developing some really cool stuff. We had the opportunity to meet Emma, a robot they printed! That’s right, printed using a 3D printer that they built. She can do some amazing things thanks to a dedicated group of volunteers who were able to enlist their manager to give them some space to learn, create and invent on their own. Here is a video of the creation of Emma. What is most amazing is that these dedicated employees who work in many different areas of IBM, did this on their own time. Seeing Emma in action was amazing and very inspiring, but meeting the men and women who created her from a role of plastic cord and code was even more amazing.

We had the opportunity on Wednesday to be inspired again. The team met the governor of Buenos Aires Province, Maria Eugenia Vidal. She was at Central Hospital of San Isidro where we installed the IoT devices  to announce some new health initiatives in the province. Before she departed from the hospital Dr Posse, Mayor of San Isidro took the time to make sure we met her and he shared about our work in San Isidro.  We felt very honored to be included. She is the first female governor in the provinces history and has already made some amazing progress in her short term in office.

L-R Marcos Melis, Paul Sidhu, Kim Reheiser, Dr. Posse, Mayor of San Isidro, Carolyn Marsh, Raquel Godoy, Governor Maria Eugenia Vidal, Anne McNeill, Nancy Greco, Rajesh Phillips, Lucas Tinta, and Eduardo Garcia Beaumont

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