Teaming to the Tango

Each Smarter Cities Challenge team is chosen based on their expertise and experience to tackle an issue. We gather a globally diverse team of professionals to participate in the projects. Because the teams are global and IBM is a very large enterprise, typically the participants have never met or worked with each other. We are only together for three weeks to tackle the issue and prior to arriving in San Isidro we had only met via our pre-work video sessions.  It is imperative we quickly bond as a team.

What better way to get to know each other and become a close team quickly than by learning the national dance of Argentina, the Tango! On Saturday night, we all traveled to Buenos Aires for a surprise tango lesson. The team thought we were just going to observe a tango show.  At first everyone was shy and not sure if they could master the steps. Once we all took direction from the expert dancers we were laughing and tripping together over our own feet and each others.

The ladies practicing our part of the dance, while the gentleman get verbal direction on their next steps.

Rajesh and Carolyn practicing to the music.

We found the steps to be difficult, but once we watched the show, we learned that what we did was the most basic 8 step. We have one team member, Rajesh who took to the dance quickly and the rest of the team felt by the end of the lesson that he was ready to master some of the more difficult steps. Daily he asks when we will tango again. Perhaps we will find another time to dance, once we finish our work ahead.


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