Smarter Cities Challenge in San Isidro, Argentina kicking off on Monday, April 9.

This will be the first in a number of posts about my experience with the Smarter Cities Challenge project in San Isidro, Argentina.  I will be with the SCC team throughout the project and look forward to sharing my personal experiences of my time with the team and with the beautiful city of San Isidro.

I arrived yesterday just ahead of the team, who will start arriving this evening and through tomorrow. For all of us, this will be our first time in Argentina. Two things we all knew when we  gathered for our first call as a team a few weeks ago… Argentina is known for their beef and their wine. What I have learned in just a day is that the people of Argentina are very welcoming and friendly. From the cab drivers to the checkout clerk at the grocery store, everyone has had a warm smile and welcoming attitude. I think our team will be very happy here for the duration of the project.

Before I tell you about the issue we will work on, I want to tell you about my partner here is Argentina who has been helping me prepare the team for their assignment. Raquel Godoy is the citizenship manager for IBM Argentina and has been working closely with the city to get ready for the team’s arrival. I thank you so much Raquel for all you have done to help prepare for our arrival and work with the city of San Isidro.  This project would not be possible without you!

Now to tell you about the work we will  do – As part of the modernization plan for San Isidro, the city seeks to focus on renewable energy in public buildings and social housing, which will allow the city to create savings, contributing to the care of the environment to improve the quality of life of the citizens. IBM will work with San Isidro to become a more sustainable city and educate its citizens to become more energy efficient and proactive in the care of the environment.

While this is a big task for our team, they are up for the challenge (no pun intended). My next post I will introduce you to the team. Tomorrow once everyone arrives we will go and meet Mayor Posse. He is being very generous with his time by meeting us on Saturday, even before the official project begins on Monday. He is extremely committed to the issue and I can’t wait to meet him tomorrow.


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