Smarter Cities Challenge Palermo – the final countdown

And so crunch week is upon us.  Time to focus our energies on refining our recommendations. We were lucky enough to have a last minute visit from the Mayor to our hotel team office, so we were able to validate some of our ideas with him. He’s a man of many wise words and sayings, and a man who very much believes in the possibility of change; he wholeheartedly refutes the Italian saying ‘He who is born round cannot die square’!


A lot of discussion and prep was required ….


And finally Friday arrived. Our Powerpoint skills had been tested, as had our patience and creativity, but finally we had an overview of recommendations that we were happy with and which we presented to the mayor and many of the people we’d met and interviewed during the previous 3 weeks. The last minute livestream on Facebook was a bit of a surprise but by that point it was too late to worry.

The mayor seemed happy with our presentation and it seemed to resonate with his thoughts and plans. He commented that they already have the infrastructure in place but they need to put it in service of the ‘client’ and that while they have both a communication and digital infrastructure, that these need to be combined, so create a system of participation and involvement.  I particularly loved his comments about how they currently manage by heroes but how they need to get back their souls to build a network of souls. He’s quite a poet!


The 3 presenters… happy with the result

And so a final team lunch was held as we said our goodbyes….but the hard work isn’t over. The report awaits!


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