SCC San Jose heads into 3rd week

The team took a brief respite this weekend, with a fun trip to San Francisco and also a hike along on the Mine Hill Trail.  The rest was needed after a full week of Design Thinking workshops, a community volunteer project, further stakeholder interviews and deliverable work.  Below are some pictures from last weekend (quiz: see if you can find something strange and out of place in one of the San Francisco picture).

As the team enters our final week, everyone is in full-gear to complete our deliverable assignments and look at the insights together to refine our overall recommendations to the City of San Jose.  The overall story and flow of the city recommendation is starting to take shape, and we are seeing connections across all of our research and data reviews.  Much work remains to pull off the final presentation and report, but we do believe the City of San Jose will be “Wow’d” with the output.

team SF reflectionSF pichiking Mine Hill pic


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