My journal of SCC Busan – Days 15-17

DAYS 15-17

If I am grouping these three days together, it is simply because they were all devoted to our second checkpoint with Bae Kwang-hyo, Director General of Public Safety Department. This is an important meeting as we have for the first time disclosed our recommendations and received feedback from Bae Kwang-hyo to get fully prepared for the final presentation in front of the Mayor. So we capitalized on all the “recommendation shaping” work done during the previous week, that we summarized into a presentation four our one-hour meeting with Bae Kwang-hyo. Obviously we had to take into account that this presentation will be translated from English to Korean, leaving us half the time to present, so asking us to be very focused on the key messages we wanted to pass.
Saturday and Sunday were thus devoted to this preparation work, while the full morning of Monday was spent for the final editing (and translation) of our presentation, followed in the late afternoon by the meeting. A great team work where our diversity of skills, experiences and cultural roots helped us to eventually build a presentation which was very well received by Bae Kwang-hyo.

To make all this happen, we had to keep our brains in an healthy condition, thus allocating some time to rest. On the afternoon of Saturday, we visited the charming Gamcheon Culture Village in Busan, which departs from the other areas of the city of Busan, as shown on the picture below, with small, colored houses.
And to celebrate a successful presentation, we had the pleasure to be invited for dinner by Bae Kwang-hyo, Director General of Public Safety Department, with his staff in a nice restaurant. This was a very rewarding dinner, where our host acknowledged the work done so far, and asked us to further help the city of Busan after completion of our SCC mission.
On our way back to the hotel, we went to the top of one of the mountains of Busan, where we enjoyed a vivid view of Busan by night.


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