My journal of SCC in Busan – Days 10 – 14

DAYS 10-14

Here comes the second week of our SCC engagement, which started by an important checkpoint with the Director General of Public Safety Department. This checkpoint was aimed to validate the scope upon which we will continue to work for the two remaining weeks of our study. We obtained full consensus as Bae Kwang-hyo, Director General mentioned “I realized why IBM is the world best IT company through your insights. I was surprised on your focus area. If you need additional interview or support, please let me know. We will invite the interviewees who participated in our project to the final presentation”. So a warm feedback acknowledging the relevance of our scope and of the associated argumentation.
The second week is in theory associated to the consolidation of all the findings we collected during the first week. In fact our second week was rather a transition week as we continued to have some few interviews as some of them didn’t take place during the first week. All together we had the opportunity to meet with more than 50 representatives from more than 25 institutions of the Busan city, covering the city municipality, the academia, the private sector and the citizens. As you can imagine a thorough source of information that was articulated by the five of us as a collection of 329 “findings” that we recorded in a spreadsheet. The challenge then was to perform a deep analysis of all these findings to eventually derive a set of recommendations for the city of Busan. We did that with an iterative approach, starting to associate the finding with “themes”, then “sub-themes” and finally with “domains”. A painful exercise, but which paid off at the end as it greatly helped grouping and segregating all these findings to define four domains and seven recommendations. Once this was done, most of our time was spent to start drafting the final report, first working altogether to ensure consistency across the different domains and recommendations, and then splitting the workload between us for editing the report.
The days were lasting a lot, typically from 8 AM to 10 PM, but always with an excellent atmosphere where we all learned about the subtleties between the American, Canadian, Korean, Norwegian and French humors.
Hopefully we also had some time for escaping from this demanding activity, the most memorable moment being the dinner that we had November 1st with Andrew Chang, Country General Manager of IBM Korea, and his staff. Andrew is a very nice fellow, very accessible, who learned us a lot about the Korean culture and business habits.


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