My Journal of SCC in Busan – Days 5-7

We are now moving forward with a series of interviews keeping us busy from 9AM to 7PM. Very dense days, but more important very interesting days as we receive first hand information on how the different bodies forming the Busan municipality ecosystem contribute to Emergency Management.
We interviewed a total of 23 people, as leaders of Busan National University, Busan University of Foreign Studies, Forestry and Green Space Division of Busan Metropolitan City, Climate and Environment Bureau of Busan Metropolitan City, Busan Regional Office of Meteorology, National Disaster Management Research Institute, APEC Climate Center, Sejung I&C, Sjinc Corporation, Pukyong National University, Urban Safety Committee of Busan Metropolitan Council, Disaster Prevention Division of Busan Metropolitan City, Busan Techno Park, KICS Organisation.
Although these Busan leaders addressed several risk areas, such as water flooding, fire, earthquake, landslide, we interestingly received common feedback on some specific aspects. So very valuable insights which will help us issuing recommendations which will touch the variety of domains addressed by the Emergency Management.
After the first very busy day, we get an amazing surprise…. our two colleagues Ji-Hyun and Kee-Seon managed to have their birthday on October 25th. Such an event takes precedence over anything else, and we celebrated this birthday in a Korean restaurant after a delicious local cuisine dinner.



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