Our Last Week in San Isidro


Over the past week, we’ve been working hard to develop a plan that we hope will help the Muncipalidad de San Isidro with its sustainable mobility efforts.  We’ve also continued to experience the full range of local transportation modes.

There are a lot of factors we’ve considered as we finalized our set of recommendations – from the key findings that could impact execution to the time to value.  We’ll first share our work with the Mayor and his staff on Thursday, and then, on Friday (and likely after some tweaks), we have the opportunity to present our plan at a public meeting.
Being able to share the plan in a public way should prove to be especially rewarding to our team, as we built that plan based on the findings of our meetings with many stakeholders who will be in attendance.  


Last week, we also had the opportunity to meet with students and young professionals as part of a mentoring program that San Isidro runsWe shared our career stories and some personal lessons learned  and so did they  then, we had an engaged question and answer session.  It was an extremely rewarding experience for us to meet such an energetic group.


 Of course, in between all that hard work, we’ve been busy exploring Peruvian cuisine, culture and history.

Over the past weekend, we attended a cooking class at the Urban Kitchen, where we learned to make ceviche, causas, lomo saltado, aji de gallina, and, of course, the famous pisco sour.  Afterwards, we headed to the Inca Market to shop for our friends and loved ones who have supported our three-week journey away.

pachacamac-teamOn Sunday, we traveled about an hour out of town to the archaeological site Pachacamac, which was first occupied around 200 AD. There are a number huacas (or pyramids) on site, including the Temple of the Sun.  This Temple overlooks the Andes mountains from one side and the Pacific Ocean on the other; it’s dedicated to their sun god Inti.


Some of us also experienced the ‘Ciclovia,‘ which opens some of the main avenues in San Isidro and Miraflores for nonmotorized traffic only.

ciclodiaIt was a haven for cyclists, rollerbladers and walkers, with bicycles for hire and information booths related to activity and health.


To close out our final week, our days and nights will be filled with finalizing our presentation and report.  We will meet each day in our hotel conference room and review, discuss, update and refine – and on Friday, after we present to the public, we will celebrate our time and work together.


From Peru,

Team San Isidro


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  1. Ayomi Burge

    Sounds like a busy & fulfilling journey. Good luck with the presentations!