One week to go

As the summer starts to shine into former cold Memphis – some south-Americans could call it frozen Memphis! brrrr…. – IBM Team starts to develop its final report. After a hard-working week full of interviews, team storming and team performing we have a good and sunny sky over our heads, with the team ready for divide and conquer.

The issue we are trying to solve is rather engaging. Trying to help other people to enhance their possibilities towards a more appropriate health care is not something we usually do on our daily jobs – what is more close to help our clients to be more successful on their objectives and to increase their return. Some of them may also reflect, down the line, in better life quality for normal citizens (I’ve done myself a project on a major Brazilian Oil&Gas company that addressed improvements on their Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) area!) – but this is different. Although our SCC main product is a recommendation list, all of us know that even our smallest piece of recommendation would make a direct change in improving someone else’s lives, and this is driving our excitement in getting it done, and to make it as easy as possible for the city to roll it out right away.

Moreover, it has been a real pleasure to work along with Memphis Fire Department team, seeing in every contact how much they care for their population and, on the other side, how much the city respect them for that. Engaged stakeholders are critical for any project, and knowing that those guys – along with city’s officials, like Mayor Jim Strickland, CEO Doug McGowen and Innovation Memphis head Justin Entzminger – will hold responsibility to implement it after we leave town is nothing but everything we would want. Mayor Strickland use to say that he is glad MFD Director Gina Sweat didn’t run for mayor cause she is far more popular than he is … and we are delighted to have her on board, as well as Chief Andrew Hart – our main MFD contact – always willing to help us relentlessly. Oh come on… The truth is that we couldn’t find no one stakeholder that is not supportive! And this is amazing, something reeeeeally hard to experience.

So, here we go for our last week. Although it’s non-stopping work (that could easily lasts for another 3 months), there are no clouds in the sky, and we have a beautiful sightseen of what lies ahead.

Top of Pyramid light

Hugo, Aliza, Kathi, Masharn, Keith and Tina on top of Memphis Pyramid



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