IBM Team rides along

We are in MEMPHIS only for 1 week, but it seems we’ve landed after Christmas. So much has been done already … even a bunch of snowflakes have dropped on the head of our team representatives … Well, glad to say that since then the temperature has only ramped up, and the non-stopping rain that welcomed us since when we arrived has said farewell few days ago.

Press Conference, working lunches and dinners and more than 15 interviews and meetings with all major stakeholders. Ouch! But wait: our team has also been in the streets, experiencing the real life of brave Memphis Fire Fighters. I’ve been myself along with Kathy with the EMS Navigators, Tim and Dmitria, and … gosh! How much can you learn aside this amazing crew? We’ve visited 6 frequent 911 callers, to understand how MFP could help them increase their life quality, hence reducing their trips to the hospital. Each one with his own concern, from walking challenges, a chronic asthma patient living in a molded flat to a destroyed roof of a wheel chaired man. Polite as the Pope, but firm and steady as a doctor talking to a wild patient, they can lead those in care into a better life. Our best congratulations to them! And of course, also to the other MFD finest who were kind enough to take Steffi, Masharn and Keith on their rides!

IBM Team also stood up for a charity action. We’ve visited Saint Jude Hospital for Children, world wide pioneer in Children’s cancer treatment and research. What a visit! Lindsay, our guide, has been a true patient in the past; her cancer was cured, now she is married and has 2 kids. Listening to her story made team members, some with tears in our eyes, put our problems in perspective. Later on, IBM team served food for hospital patients and their families. Do PLEASE check on their website to have a glimpse of what we’ve experienced:

St Jude

IBM Team and Danny Thomas, St Jude’s Founder

And yeah, among all the meals-working time, meetings and all we were sharp enough to find some time to engage the city – in a beeeeautiful day! I felt like Rio de Janeiro in the winter! :o)


More to come! Oh yeah, much more … This is only Week 1!

See Y’All!!!


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