SCC Memphis Kick-Off!

Last Sunday, Feb 21th, our IBM SCC team landed on Memphis, after a couple of flight delays. Four IBMers from US and one Brazilian landed and started to engage right away: an afternoon meeting truly valuable to get to know each other, our assignment, upcoming agenda and challenges, as well as local attractions in the city that we must see – hence, how to stretch our daily hours as much as possible… :o)


SCC PM Team did a great job to select and unite the following team of IBM experts:

Masharn Austin, Strategy and Talent Leader for Watson Group – based in NYC, USA;

Steffi Diamond, Watson Innovation Director, Software – Littleton, MA

Kathi Hanrahan, Navy ERP Delivery Executive, GBS – Alexandria, VA

Keith Hermiz, Senior Data Cientist, Business Analytics – Essex Junction, Vermont

Hugo Motta (myself!), Executive Project Manager, LA Consulting by Degrees PM – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

We also will have the remote helping hand of Tania Chervinec, our Twitter Expert!

1st day of work has started with a warm reception by the Fire Department folks, and we were able to taste the commitment those guys hold for the project. Friendly at the top, engaged, and willing to help us out as much as possible, we all got really happy to see that the client is fully partnering with us – and this is most critical for any consulting engagement, isn’t it?


Keith, Kathy, Steffi, Tina Wilson (IBM Corporate Citizenship and Corporate Affairs), Hugo (myself!), Masharn, Chief Andrew Hart (Memphis Fire Dep) and Carry (from City’s Innovations office)

Next, a press conference opened by Jim Strickland, Memphis Mayor, for a bit less of a hundred people, presented us and the project to locals … and to the media!


Mayor Strickland is the biggest guy! And the very lefty one is Steve Fittes, IBM Memphis Senior Location Executive

Next… IBM team engages 911 calls – in real ambulances and response vehicules – to experience real life issues that are being faced daily by our client. Hope we’ll be able to update our so far fantastic Memphis experience to y’all!


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