Cycling legend of Taiwan – King Liu

Today October 28, 2015, the Smarter Citiies Challenge @CitiesChallenge Team-Taichung had the unique opportunity to meet the cycling legend of Taiwan. Mr King Liu is the founder of their bicycle making and manufacturing company, Giant.  @LivGiant @Giant_Bicycles @tbrocnyc

We saw Giant bikes everywhere in the cities we visited in Taiwan. We first noticed them as U-Bikes, a mode of transportation in both the Taipei and Taichung cities. Very impressive indeed!

We visited the Giant Company today, which contributes to the economy of the country as well as the healthy lifestyle for the citizens. Mr King Liu, himself a cycling enthusiast decided to undertake a challenging yet an exemplary long-distance biking tour earlier this year in May. And he cycled around Taiwan in 12 days ! He wanted to promote biking and celebrate his 80th birthday!



I was very humbled by his commitment and was enthralled to meet him in person! I have walked away with a renewed interest to take up biking again! Charge ahead!

Team-Taichung: @rebeccajbutler @oacalderon @dkinsey28 @Sperepa


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