Taichung My Love!

Happiness dancing on your face

Flavors laden on your tables

With your arms and doors wide open for me

Taichung! You have been my home away from home !

Taichungmap metal


Your buildings and your monuments as your armor

Your trains, buses and bike lanes as your arteries

Your people streaming through them, bring you alive!

Together you make Taichung strong, beautiful, and unique!!

  arteries  bldgs buses cars

I have witnessed your mountains

Let my hair dance in your cool breeze!

I smelled, touched and adored your gardens decked with flowers that

 – Filled my heart with happiness

 – Beamed my face with joy!

I met your beautiful people and said Ni Hao! and shie, shie! !

nooru varahalu tina val

Taichung my love,

I see a future strong and bright for you!

I see a future with me in it!

lisa valeria

flowers flowers2

Suj Perepa for Team -Taichung aka RADDS

Rebecca Butler – @rebeccajbutler , Armando Calderon – @oacalderon1, David Kinsey – @dkinsey28, Dimitry Kharitonenko – @DKharitonenko and Suj Perepa – @sperepa



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6 responses to “Taichung My Love!

  1. Emma Chung

    What a lovely article~

  2. Lisa Chen

    A poem from a Data Scientist, Suj, you are a lady full of surprises! I am glad I am part of your lovely Taichung experience. Taichung people will give their love to you, too!

  3. JellyMummy

    Hello Suj. You have written nice articles About your Taichung experience. I saw that in one of your pictures posted, it’s just where I’m staying.
    I am a previous IBMer from Singapore and have just recently relocated to Taichung. While I was in IBM, I read quite a bit on the smarter cities initiatives but didn’t have a chance to get involved in the project.
    If there is any chance I can help out or get involved, I will be glad to.

    Hope to hear form you.

    Have fun!

    • sperepa

      Thank you for your comments on the posting! What a coincidence it is that we took a picture of your location. Its always nice to meet ex-IBMers you know. As far as I know, you have to be an IBMer to participate in the Smarter Cities Challenge. May be you can come back to IBM? 🙂
      If you are interested in volunteering otherwise, please reach out to Lisa Chen (lisachen@tw.ibm.com) and she will be willing to help you find some cool opportunities.
      Best wishes,
      Suj Perepa