A Look Back at Week 2, and a Beautiful Trip to Luofu Mountain

Week 2  was an interesting one.  We finished up interviews of the various tourism related stakeholders and began to frame up our recommendations.
The team agrees that Huizhou has some beautiful ‘scenic spots’, clean air and much culture and history to share.  While most of the tourists today are local, Huizhou is facing stiff competition from other local cities and provinces.  They have a desire to attract more national and international tourists.  An admirable goal, we’re trying to augment their current actions with an approach to gt them on a big data and analytics foundation.  This will be critical for them to understand more about their tourists, and what they need to do to make Huizhou more attractive to other tourist market segments.
Today some of the team made a visit to Luofu Mountain, which is their only 5A rated (top rating) attraction in Huizhou.  The mountain is lovely,  with many natural features (caves, water falls, greenery) as well monuments and plaques to commemorate legends, reflect on horrible atrocities, and share historical artifacts such as buildings to house top Generals or other military figures in history.  There are also some wonderful culturally rich temples on the mountain. There are supposed to be over 1000 medicinal herbs on the mountain, so it is a very popular place for the Chinese people.   It was an extremely hot and SWEATY day, : ))  but one we enjoyed greatly and agree was necessary so we could have the true tourist experience first hand.
Claudia Pascoe Zielger, on behalf of team SCC@Huizhou China

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  1. Rebecca Butler Mona

    Claudia, thanks for sharing the exciting experience of your SCC team! I am headed to Taichung, Taiwan for SCC assignment beginning Oct 15, and am really looking forward to it!