SCC@Huizhou Shows Dedication To Deliver!!

Our first weekend in Huizhou did not go quite as planned, but that did not stop the SCC Huizhou “Fantastic Five” (Kaaren, Ravi, Susan, Joe and myself) from making the most of our time in Huizhou.  We awoke Saturday morning to rain in the form of heavy and consistent downpours!!  Clearly our trip to Luofo Mountain needed to be rescheduled.  Undeterred, the team members set off to take advantage of the opportunity to explore more local cultural sites including a visit to the East River Antique Fold Custom Museum and the Yiwu market.

We had hopes for a better Sunday, but mother nature did not agree.  We’d put aside a couple hours for work on Sunday to organize our findings from the prior weeks activities and begin to prepare for a validation meeting on Monday with Ms Zhou ( Deputy Secretary-general of Huizhou Municipal Government) and Ms Huang (Tourism Bureau). Our Sunday workday extended into 6 hours as we identified, condensed and prioritized our “emerging ideas” from over 20 down to a core 12.  Our ideas seemed to organize themselves into different tourism related areas or domains. We began to construct these into a framework we might use to deliver our recommendations, as well as recognize key tourism related initiatives already underway in the Huizhou Tourism Bureau.

We closed up for the day realizing how much we had discovered in our first week, and thankful we spent the extra time paring down our focus for the start of week 2.

Claudia Pascoe Ziegler on behalf of SCC@Huizhou


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