Wrapping Our First Week in Huizhou

6 pm Friday evening: We just completed our last set of interviews of our first exciting week in Huizhou. Today we were able to have more in depth discussions with leaders of 3 of the main tourist attractions: Huizhou West Lake, Luofo Mountain and Xuliao Bay.   These attractions highlight many beautiful aspects of the city, but are run and operated independently.  They each have their own ways of assessing tourist experiences and/or soliciting feedback.  As with any seasonal type of attraction, they have to deal with peaks and valleys of attendance, not only at the attraction itself, but the affects of which are felt in supporting infrastructure (roads, eateries, rest room facilities etc).  Significant enough as standalone issues, we also discovered throughout the week (and verified again today) that there is a lack of organized data collection, aggregation, analysis and sharing.

It will be an interesting next two weeks as we grapple to pull together a set of recommendations and use cases in a way that will be easy to understand, feasible to implement while at the same time putting Huizhou tourism  on a solid path of growth driven by new and innovative ideas.

Tomorrow morning bright and early it’s off to Luofo Mountain!!  Cheers!

Claudia Pascoe Ziegler with SCC@Huizhou


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