Blazing start to SCC@Huizhou

It was a great start when we met with Ms. Zhou Haiyang, the Dy. Secretary General and executive delegate of the Mayor of Huizhou, along with Ms. Huang Xihua, Director of Tourism on August 10. The SCC Huizhou team presented their credentials and sought opinions about their interests and expectations on the challenge. It is interesting that Huzhou’s characteristics make it stand out. It is a treasure chest of rejuvenating ecological marvels.

We have a neat challenge in front of us:-

  1. Recognise the potential of Huizhou, as a tourist destination and articulate that in a vision which the city can embrace and work on
  2. Help them prioritise their initiatives, with a balanced approach to quick wins on one side and the more fundamental long-lasting critical mid-term and long term initiatives
  3. Help them visualise and set up a bottoms up comprehensive measurement framework, which can over time provide valuable analytics and actionable insights, which can make Huizhou, a well managed tourist destination.

The hosts have shown so much warmth and attention to detail in planning the discovery phase, we are gaining in confidence and are looking forward to every new meeting with greater eagerness.

Am sure, all of us will have a lot  to write about how we progress.

Ravi Shankar with SCC@Huizhou


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