Kaaren Koomen’s BLOG on SCC@Huzhou progress

Yesterday we had a very useful day meeting with the Development and Reform Bureau in the morning and the Transportation Bureau and the Housing and Construction Bureau in the afternoon. These were all very useful meetings to try to ascertain what data is available as well as the planning strategy that is currently in place.

There was a lot of useful discussion and we could identify a number of areas in which data collection would be useful to identify trends, identify when and which types of infrastructure need to be invested in. We are getting a good sense of where the gaps in the current strategy might be, and how Huizhou could use data and some marketing techniques to significantly improve their tourism industry.

In the late afternoon we were treated to a tour of Red Flower Lake which was a most beautiful location with rainforests, a gorgeous lake, look out areas and a lovely winding road filled with cyclists and walkers. It was a free parkland and so we were all thinking of ways of capturing information about visitors – where they are from, how many visitors there were, what they liked and didn’t like and whether they would come again – lots of items for further thought and discussion!

We are looking forward to our meeting with the Science and Technology Bureau and the Tourism Associations later today and will update after that!  


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