No Sleep Til….


Saturday night and all day Sunday led to not much rest. I think I got about 5 hours of sleep Saturday night and only 2 hours of sleep Sunday night. This is what the Phoenix Park ski hills looked like at 5 AM Monday morning. It really was quite lovely.


I ended up taking ownership of the charts and worked diligently to pull everything together with the same look and feel in preparation for our dress rehearsal on Monday. Shew! Was it exhausting!

Don’t get me wrong…I was happy to do it! I thrive on this kind of thing…“perfection.” Anyone who knows me well…or even partially…knows I’m a bit anal. Especially when it comes to deliverables…and especially when it comes to the customer.

Sunny translated to Korean and the presentation looked amazing! It was truly a team effort. Everyone brings a unique experience and special touch to their part of the content and it shows through.


The presentation Monday went really well. The County was very pleased with our recommendations and stated we are on track. All is well! This time Souvik gained his nickname as “The Dictator”.  He looked so well presented. 🙂


After our practice run we had dinner with our new friends Mr. Lee and Mr. Jeon. We are becoming fast friends. They have shown us so much hospitality, respect and appreciation. We are truly grateful for everything they have done and are happy to call them friends.

We all dined together at a local (and I mean WAY off the beaten path) Korean BBQ duck farm.


In fact it was the “Ducky Duck Farm.” And was the duck yummy!


I know I keep saying this after most meals, but I have another new favorite food. This time it’s Korean BBQ with duck. OMG!! SO GOOD! We had several plates and we couldn’t get enough.



You eat it with all sorts of fixin’s…from soy sauce with ginger, to a touch of sea salt, to plain with baby leeks and onions. All of them were amazing and I couldn’t get enough!  I even had the best kimchi I have had yet. Mmm, mmm, good!


A couple of boilermakers and LOTS of duck later we departed for our hotel. We joked about hitting the karaoke bar but we were all exhausted. Mr. Jeon did take a quick spin on the mini trampoline.


And Stephanie made a friend.


And with my 7 hours of sleep in two nights it was time for bed…I passed out around 10:15 PM Monday and got up around 8:30 AM Tuesday morning. What a difference a day makes…er rather a good night of sleep.


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