Good Afternoon…Good Evening…and Goodnight

I can honestly say I have no idea what time of day it is!! We’ve been locked up in our teamroom since Tuesday morning and have only just been sprung (10 PM Wednesday night). Don’t get me wrong…it’s been an incredibly productive 2 days!! We are making tremendous progress…and apparently I’m the dictator…keeping us on task (today especially) so we can get some rest and not go completely crazy!

I just heard a strange sound in the hallway and poked my head out to see Souvik walking the hall getting in his exercise. You gotta do what you gotta do! Unfortunately I’m not that motivated after only 5 hours of sleep last night and not a single night of more than 7 hours since we arrived. I am definitely hitting the sack early tonight. Another long day but an exciting one ahead…more reviews with Pyeongchang County…

We’ve missed the gym the past 3 days. Actually I haven’t been since Friday…but we did walk a lot on Saturday and Sunday. And climbing through that cave…up and down…up and down…under and over…was definitely a workout. 🙂 Alas, I’m feeling quite lethargic and no time for the gym tomorrow.

I’d love to stroll outside but it’s been cold and rainy. We did have snow which was pretty cool! It’s just too bad the ski resort is closed as it would have been awesome to get a run or two in! I guess I’ll just have to come back in the winter next time.


We’ve been having a lot of fun in the teamroom. We’ve all bonded quite well and have even named our teamroom the Pyngpeong Power Pit! It has a nice ring to it!


We’ve been working diligently as you can see from Justin’s focused posture.


The mayor is keeping us focused and on track. He’s not sporting his corporate suit and red tie in this photo but you get the idea!


I’ve been nicknamed “Jo-ey Roe”. “Jo-ey” has become the English pronunciation of my name by my Korean friends…it equates to 2 syllables. The “Roe” somehow stemmed from a conversation over lunch at the Trout restaurant the other day. We were talking with one of our new Korean friends and the topic of golf came up. He is just learning how to golf (the past 2 months) and stated he is the toddler of golf. He held up his hand, spread out his fingers and pointed to his pinky. I laughed and held up my hand and pointed below my pinky saying I was less than a toddler. “Jo-ey Roe” was born. Something about being a baby…at the trout farm…roe…get it??

Since we’ve been “hotel-bound” the last two days the only excitement has been the elevator. It’s actually pretty cool. The floor of the elevator is covered with a hologram of sorts. The one I particularly like is the fish…as I know Alex would love it! I took this photo for him…Vince be sure to show it to him! 🙂


It’s now 11 PM so it’s time for me to crash! I don’t think I’ve been to bed by 11 the entire time we’ve been here. How amazing this is going to be!

I will end how I began. Annyeonghaseyo…Annyeonghaseyo…gwa Jaljayo!



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2 responses to “Good Afternoon…Good Evening…and Goodnight

  1. Melissa Downer

    Takes me back to the days of my Smarter Cities Challenge. The schedule sounds very familiar! Enjoy. It’s almost half over already.

  2. Joy and team, thank you for the amazing work you are doing. It is very much appreciated by me and the rest of the SCC program team. You guys have now made it past the halfway mark. Here’s to a successful second half of the engagement and to getting some more sleep!