When I discover who I am, I’ll be free!

Good teachings, right teachings have no religious face, know no national boundary, obey no narrowness of mind. As an Indian, felt proud today to visit an important citadel of Buddhist spirituality in Korea – the Woljeongsa temple in northern part of Pyeongchang County. We met a monk, who practices Zen meditation and always bears a silent smile on his face reflecting an inner peace, which he might have achieved. Each time he was asked a question, the answer ran pages and our interpreter failed to cope. But the essence of his life and beliefs was not difficult to understand. It is all about discovering the self away from family, books, greed, television and other things that, according to him, pulls one back from aligning self to the greater self. Then we were introduced to a very influential person from the temple, who has aged gracefully but whose sense of wit is still very young. In between, my friends went through hundred and eight prostrations (a combination of Sujud and Julus as in Islamic prayer) in search of salvation. My poor back cautioned me that salvation is not my cup of tea and forced me to sit and pray. In the end, I had to be satisfied with the salivation at the sight of the lotus tea and cookies offered by tea kind monk. So much of my self-discovery.
Some philosopher once said “Even a minor event in the life of a child is an event of that child’s world and thus a world event.” In that sense, we took part in a significant world event today, when we joined hands with a multi-national community in a Pyeongchang firm that specializes in dairy products. These are families where the mothers are from a South East Asian country, learning Korean language fast and bringing up the future of Korea with great care. Kudos to these mothers. The fun that we had with the children and their mothers in making cheese, pizza and ice-cream. Well … please read “making” as “messing up with”. The parting with so many children and the entire atmosphere was painful. However, I realized that my salvation lies amidst my family while having fun with my daughter back at home. So here was a situation where salvation took over salivation.

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