Without a sense of caring, there can be no sense of community.

Normal individuals would demand from the community before commanding herself into the service towards it. Today we met an individual in South Pyeongchang, who has dedicated his life to caring for the community leaving lucrative job in a metro like Seoul. We bowed to his wonderful community centre which he maintains for the spread of community service, education for the underprivileged, music for the orphans and specially-abled and various other activities that promotes the place to the rest of Korea and perhaps, to the world. It was small in its brick & mortar structure, but the building clearly had a big heart.

Marketplaces are as old as civilization. You want to know about the history of a place go to the museum, you want to know everything about a place, go to its market. As we walked down the marketplace in South Pyeongchang, we had a feel of the life and sleepy vibrancy (sorry for the oxymoron) of the region. We did not see a lot of people at that place during that post-lunch hours. The shopkeepers were busy wrapping up, so it seemed. The sesame seeds, sesame oil, local vegetables, smell of fresh meat pancakes … it was a walk different from mine in my hometown.



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