The Korean culture and its delicate attention to their hosts

The aspect that has surprised me the most is the delicate care that we are subject to by our Korean hosts. His formalism and attention goes beyond what any Westerner could ever expect. Before any meeting our hosts dedicate quality time with the introduction of each person, very important aspect here is not to forget to bring the business cards!!

During the meeting each attendee expresses his point of view with great formality in the most professional manner. Each individual is absolutely focused on the discussion, no distractions. All participants are given attention in the agenda and its interventions are conducted orderly through a structured debate. Conversations do not overlap. Dialogue is based on respect and, then the point of view of each really flows.

After each meeting the host always offers our team for attention and help in case any inconvenience we may have.

One of the things I appreciate the most is when we celebrate a lunch together. Normally our host stands and welcomes us warmly. Before eating he greets each of us by name, and then offers a toast for the opportunity to stay together deserving us health and longevity. After that he takes seat and the host team applaud us for the wonderful opportunity to stay end enjoy lunch together.

You can imagine, it is not only the honor and enjoyment to work with such an A team, Stephanie, Joy, Sunny, Vik and Justin but at the same time receive such warm and focused attention from our Korean hosts encouraging our team to deliver the best is possible to contribute to the development of Pyoengyang, an amazing and beautiful region in Korea.



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