The rainbow arrives amidst the cloud.

The three hour drive from Seoul (the Koreans aptly pronounce it as soul) brought us to Pyeongchang on 5th April. The three hour drive remained shrouded in mystic cloud. How dearly we prayed for the sun! But the team has started getting demystified within itself. The Venn diagram of our experience, passion and cultural traits are getting drawn up and the overlaps seem to overwhelm the differences. The exuberance of Joy, the tryst with Korea that makes Justin the most Korean among us, the fond recollections of Cervantes and Don Quixote by Antonio, the double layer of socks of Stefanie, the amazing care that we are receiving from Ji-Hyun, the sunny smiles of Sunny, the affectionate Louise, the cold-struck me ……… the IBM rainbow has arrived in Pyeongchang county. We would bring out the sun soon and the white ski-slope would iridesce in the sun.

The following photograph was taken outside the dining hall of 5th night. It symbolizes the multi-faceted team of IBM.



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