The beginning is the most important part of the work.

Plato said so. And I began today … on a journey in many senses of the term. A journey from Kolkata, India to Seoul, Republic of Korea. A step into a new domain of work. A voyage to meet new people from various parts of IBM – Antonio Galbe Bartolome (Madrid, Spain), Stephanie Carmel (NJ, USA), Sunny Chung (Seoul, South Korea), and Justin Webb (Burnaby, Canada). An expedition to meet new people from the farthest East I have ever been.

My country and Korea share many cultural and historical commonalities like the Asian values shared by the countries of the region. However the two countries interacted and got cognizance of each other primarily by Buddhism, legend of princess Heo of Ayuta (Ayodhya?) and some indirect trade through the Silk Road. I am eagerly waiting to experience this great country, its technological advancement and cultural and religious ethos.

Seoul … great to meet you. Pyeongchang County … here we come!!


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