I Have Arrived!!

I made it to Seoul!!!

After sitting in the Delta Sky Club in the Detroit airport for 4 hours, catching up on work emails and trying to disengage for 3 weeks, I finally headed to the gate to claim my Economy Comfort seat for the 13 hour flight. Cotswold was ecstatic to be getting on such a big plane. It took a lot of explaining to get him to understand we weren’t sitting upstairs.


No sooner had I put my bag in the overhead, I was approached by a nice gentleman who handed me a ticket with my new seat assignment…10A. It was my lucky day!! I thanked the nice gentleman, who claimed to be Santa Claus, and went on my merry way…all the way up to business class. He claimed they needed to rebalance the weight on the plane…Cotswold was happy to oblige.


Remember that head cold I said I was fighting….well it had gotten worse over the course of the day and was taking it’s hold on me and my sinuses. Nothing a good champagne couldn’t fix. Cotswold even got a sip. Only a bit…as I didn’t want an unruly monkey on my hands for the long flight.


We settled in nicely, jumping into a good book. Only to be interrupted by dinner…shrimp with avocado to start, followed by a mixed green salad and creamy corn and poblano soup, a seared chicken breast in a tarragon lemon sauce, accompanied by brussel sprouts and brown rice paella. And last but not least a tasting of sweet treats and a glass of port. Cotswold enjoyed the meal immensely. I almost didn’t get a bite but he quickly got full and was kind enough to share.


I made it through one movie…”The Mockingjay Part 1”…and had started to watch “Into the Woods” when my Tylenol PM kicked in. With 9 hours to go in the flight I settled into my lay-flat bed with my feather duvet and enjoyed a nice long nap. Of course it was only 6 PM Denver time when I crashed, but after that 2 hour nap the night before I was in need of a good rest. I know you all feel really bad for me right now with my business class seat and lay-flat bed. Believe me it was not what I was expecting and I was pleasantly surprised and incredibly grateful to have been upgraded. I honestly felt a huge weight being lifted off my shoulders as soon as I found out, as I had been dreading the long flight. I know all my friends who are worldwide travelers know that feeling very well.

I woke somewhere over Russia due to some “not so light” turbulence, and finally rose about 30 minutes before landing to pack up my things and prepare for my arrival in South Korea. Amazingly I felt better than I think I have ever felt coming off of any international flight. The gods were smiling down on me today.

After disembarkation I collected my bags (again …”Why did I pack so much stuff?”) to be greeted by a nice lady from the Grand Hyatt Incheon who promptly called for the car and took my bags from me. I was then told to put on my jacket as it was cold outside. Yes ma’am! My Hyundai Equus greeted me, followed by a short 5 minute drive to the hotel. At first I thought I was getting picked up in a Rolls…the Equus had bloody wings on the bonnet (front hood for you lads and lassies back home).  Alas upon further inspection it was “only” a Hyundai. However, I must say, I’ve never been impressed with Hyundais, but that car was a sweet ride!

Upon my arrival at the hotel, I was greeted by Jason, my concierge. He welcomed me as “Ms. Belfoure”, which had a nice ring to it. My hubby of 10 years would be proud that I was called by his name for a change…as I’m always traveling under my maiden name for business trips. Jason instructed me through all the logistics and sent me to my room. And what a nice, modern room it is. If anyone ever comes to Seoul and needs to stay near the airport, you must stay at the Grand Hyatt Incheon. It’s beautiful and the people are incredibly nice.

Cotswold of course had to inspect the place. He found himself right at home and took full advantage of the amenities. He especially enjoys the heated toilet seat and prefers it set to 40 degrees C. 🙂


Cotswold decided to take a nap (as if the long nap on the plane wasn’t enough…lazy monkey), while I strolled down to the gym. I felt the need to kill my cold with sweat, and worked out for over an hour. As I was on the treadmill, staring outside into the dark that was 9 PM in Seoul, I was wondering where all my energy was coming from. Then I realized it was 5 AM at home…and that settled that. After a brief walk outside in the cold and rain (yes, I know I’m crazy, I just needed to get outside for a few minutes as I had literally been inside a building or metal tube for over 24 hours), I returned to my room and ordered room service. One last Western meal before 3+ weeks of yummy Korean food. I won’t lie…I’m a big foodie so I’m very much looking forward to all my meals over the next few weeks. So much for the diet! Ha!

Alas, it’s time to attempt to sleep. I get to meet my team tomorrow…Antonio, Stephanie, Sunny, Souvik and Justin. I’m so excited!! We will finally be making our 2 hour trek to Pyeongchang and our fearless leaders will take us through our orientation. Have a great Sunday and Happy Easter to everyone back home and around the world!

Tylenol PM is on the menu so I bid you adieu until tomorrow. Sweet dreams!


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  1. L. Davis

    Fabulous blog G.L.T. – your are great writer! My thoughts are with you and the fantastic Pyeonchang SCC team.