Interviews completed … Writing begins!

Yesterday we reached the mid-point of our assignment here in Brussels!  We have completed our interviews, documented our findings, are solidifying our recommendations, have a draft of our presentation, and are starting in our written report.  It’s been a very busy 10 days so far!

Our 6-person Smarter Cities Challenge team has ….

  • completed 32 interviews with government officials, public transit operators, executives at private companies and associations, academics, consultants and bloggers
  • received over 450 responses to a survey about mobility preferences that we created and distributed via social media earlier this week
  • taken 27 trips in and around Brussels by our team on all modes of transportation:  car, bus, metro, tram, train, bike and on foot

Before arriving last week, we did our research and knew something about the traffic congestion issue here.  For example, a study by the OECD found that “the Brussels Capital Region experiences some of the worst peak-hour traffic congestion in Europe“.

Here are some key facts that bear that out …

SCCBrussels Infographic 7

SCCBrussels Infographic 8

SCCBrussels Infographic 6

Having been here now for 10 days, we have certainly experienced the traffic first-hand.  As I write this at 6:30pm, here’s a view of the traffic on the “small belt”, or inner ring road, that runs just past our hotel … it’s bumper to bumper, with all red tail lights and constant honking horns!


Stay tuned as we continue to refine our thinking, and polish the deliverables for our partners, Minister of Mobility and Public Works Pascal Smet and State Secretary of the Brussels-Capital Region Bianca Debaets.

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