End of Action Packed Week 1 and time to crystalize thoughts

We are at the start of week 2 and looking forward to crystalize our thoughts.   We’re analysing all that we have learnt through 20+ meetings which we had with various stakeholders as part of week 1. Information and insights which we got through these meetings are valuable indeed and are going to be as important as part of this week’s work.

Two things stand out differently in Brussels Capital region: 1) it’s a complex framework of 19 municipalities and surrounding region, 2) the company car policy compared to other parts of the world. The weekends were hectic, thanks to the agenda filled to the brim with activities, but exciting. On Saturday morning we headed to meet the CoderDojo-team.  Coderdojo (http://brussels.coderdojobelgium.be/) is a voluntary organization where kids between 8-14 years are given task to do coding or think creatively. We thought what would be better way to trap the creativity of the kids and understand how they see mobility in the city. They are the future citizens of the city. How would they like to commute ? The group was representative for the Brussels region, a multi lingual group with Dutch, French and English speaking children They came up with many interesting ideas such as bike lanes which can be lit with light to have better safety . Some of they drew pictures on how they see various modes of transport, some of them made a presentation on mobility options. Here are some of these pictures.



After that, we headed to Brugges, a medieval town, capital of Lace and a great place of culture and history.We learnt lot about the city with our city tour guide. We enjoyed a good team dinner in Brugges before we called for the day. It is great place , you can appreciate the beauty of the city captured through our lens..

brugge brugge1

Sunday morning was spent in team brainstorming on gathering our thoughts around recommendations and finding data gaps. During noon, we were given a challenge.   In the “mobility game”we were divided into three teams. Each team was given a public transportation ticket, an ipad and a spot or location in the city they had to visit. As part of the game we were encouraged to use multi modal transportation as each of the modes of transport had points associated with it. We had options to visit other places or spots in the city. The only catch was that we as a whole team had to meet for lunch at a given spot. It was fun and a learning experience to be on field and use various modes of transportation. One of the teams managed to visit all the places in the city such as Halle Gate, Black Tower ,Aneessens Tower and few others. We had great team lunch and then we had to head back to hotel again by taking various public transport. So this was a useful exercise and experience indeed as we could learn the nuances and understand both advantage and areas of improvement on public transport. Stay tuned till we blog next…

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