Making Dallas safer for prosperity and neighborhood revitalization

With week one in the rear view mirror, the SCC Dallas team is absorbing and contemplating all we’ve learned in a relatively short period of time.  Dallas is a great city with a very bright future.  The city leaders are very ambitious to do more and bring prosperity, vitality, and hope for a better life to the people who live here.  Continuing to make Dallas a safer place is the key focus of this Smarter Cities Challenge, and in particular how data and technology can be the enabler in doing this.
This past week we spent the majority of our time engaging and listening to city and community leaders.  A very interesting and intriguing week for sure.  What I found without exception are very smart and dedicated people who apply their skill and talent to the work of the City.  I have been energized through meeting each of them.   We will continue to do more interviews in the first part of this coming week, and then we will get on to developing some ideas and recommendations for them to consider.
I would be remiss to not talk about my fellow IBMers in this first blog.  We have quickly come together and feel like I’ve known each of them for a long time already.  We are all very complementary in what we bring to this, kudos to our SSC Program Leaders in the design.  We have a great balance on our team including respect, comradarie, pride (and humor) — and the promise of bringing real value to the challenge that is before us.
Looking forward to next week and sharing more!

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