Dallas Smarter Cities Challenge is up and running….

We’re one week in to the Dallas Smarter Cities Challenge and we’ve barely had time to breathe, let alone blog….

Our week started with a press conference at City Hall, which got picked up by a couple of local TV channels: KTVT (CBS) and KXAS (NBC)

Since then we’ve had the chance to meet some truly inspiring leaders.  From the Police Department, Chief Brown and Chief Cato shared their visions for the city and the future of policing – as well as their personal testimonies.  The community affairs team talked to us about their pioneering work to improve the profile of the police and build trust with the community.  We’ve worked extensively with the CIS team (the city’s IT department), trying to understand how data and information are managed.  We had a tour of the city to see lots of different neighbourhoods, and we met with some of the community leaders who have led the transformation of run-down areas in the city.

Wherever we go, we meet people who are devoted above all to the city and its communities.   Leaders with a lifelong commitment to the city, and a determination to make it a better place – such as Chief Brown and Chief Cato in Dallas PD.  Many employees of the city who simply want to do their best and serve.  And genuinely inspirational community leaders – people like Mike Przekwas and Anna Hill, who in their very different ways have transformed Cedars and Dolphin Heights with determination, persistence and charm.

The team is coming together too…we had a good chance to bond as we watched the Superbowl on our first evening.   We have Joe ‘Mainframe’ Doria and Raj ‘Analytics’ SukHramani Judy ‘HR’ Lyne and local girl Mandi ‘Security’ Hanks to keep us safe and within policy;  and Anand ‘Research’ Ranganathan who’s going to do the really clever technical stuff.  Plus myself, the lone Brit, doing my best to correct everyone’s spelling (colour has a ‘u’ in it, folks!)  and understand the rules of American Football.  You can see us all in the photo from the launch press conference….

The Dallas SCC team...Mandi, Joe, John, Judy, Anand and Raj...at the opening press conference

The Dallas SCC team…Mandi, Joe, John, Judy, Anand and Raj…at the opening press conference


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