Go dté tú slán

Guinness Tasting... Done!

So all is done and dusted for us in the Dublin SCC team.  Most of the team have headed off, and the rest of us will have departed this fine city by the end of the day.  I’ll miss it, but I’m looking forward to getting back to my family.

Our presentation is delivered, and that was a great (if slightly nervous) experience, and our final report is submitted, ready for the editing team to correct all of our spelling mistakes and tortured English.  I’m very much looking forward to seeing the final product.

It has been a very immersive experience.  We were advised to leave our day jobs behind as much as our day jobs would allow us to, and looking back I can see why.  For three weeks we have all been living and breathing Dublin, and Solar.  The team has come from a number of different countries and cultures, and we all have different backgrounds, within IBM and HSBC.  The result has been a very dynamic and fulfilling experience; it’s not been without its moments of lively discussion, but I can honestly say that I have found every member of the team a delight to work and spend time with.  It’s been a group of people who have engaged, entertained, challenged and amused me.  I could say the same about the members of Dublin City Council and those others we have worked with, and of course Deirdre and the local team who have made it all work pretty much like clockwork.  Thank you!

My only concern is that maybe we should have tidied the team room a bit more when we left….

Francis Bacon's studio at the Hugh Lane Gallery


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