Thanks to Everyone… and Goodbye for Now


Well – it’s that time, we’re finally getting ready to put a wrap on the Smarter Cities Challenge in Ballarat. We had our final presentation with Council this morning, and all in all I think it went very well. Even after all our work, it was a bit intimidating to present in front of all of the experts who we interviewed in the first place. The feedback from Council and all of the stakeholders has been overwhelmingly positive. Maybe we did learn something after all :).

Joking aside – it has been pretty amazing to see the volume of work produced and knowledge that can be accumulated when 5 people are locked in a hotel for 3 weeks and asked to tackle a particularly difficult problem. Lots of coffee, snacks, and wine later we’ve come out on the other side, and it’s a bit sad now to think that the experience is almost over. We’re off to dinner tonight, and then hop on our various airplanes to go back to our day jobs. Challenging as this was, the past few weeks have been a truly amazing experience, and I think we’re all better off for having gone through it.

Thank you to Mayor Philips (who we discovered today actually reads this blog), Ballarat CEO Anthony Schinck, and all of the Council members and city officers for their help and support throughout the engagement. I can’t think of a better client to work with, and I do hope that we are able to provide them some solid direction and recommendations that they can build on. Thanks too to all of team Ballarat: Nitin, Ravi, Josh, Kylie, and Miranda – it’s been truly a pleasure and an honor to work with each of you. And finally a thank you to the community of Ballarat. We have experienced exceptional hospitality and welcome (even when mangling coffee orders) everywhere we went. You have a truly lovely city that we will all remember for a long time!




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