Bye…Bye…Ballarat, It certainly has been an experience of a lifetime.

Yesterday, was our final presentation to the City of Ballarat Council, Officers and City leaders. I think our findings and presentation was received well, and feedback was good. While we present our findings and recommendation, there is much work to be done, and I see this as a new beginning. As we bid farewell to a city that has been our home for past three weeks, we take a part of Ballarat with us to our homes. City of Ballarat welcomed us with open arms, gave our team full support and access to its best minds, subject matters experts and facilities. Our final presentation concluded with a photo shoot opportunity with city leaders, historic landmarks, deep discussions on our findings and future of waste management in Ballarat. Our team, which I think is one of the most talented set of individuals and best of IBM, worked tirelessly to put our best into this Smarter cities Challenge – Ballarat. While we all are excited to head back home to our families, and regular routine, we have a lot of memories and souvenirs from this great city. We are going back for now, but we are only a   click and e-mail away. I intend to keep tabs on the progress on our work effort and on new friends we have made during our stay. I would also like to take this opportunity to thanks the Council, residents and Officers of the City of Ballarat for their hospitality and opportunity to work on this important issue.

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I wish all the best to the City of Ballarat and it’s residents.




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