Ballarat Bites : Our culinary experiences


While I will leave it up to my colleagues to make their observation around the more “Australian” food sensations*, we have certainly enjoyed the quality and variety of the dining options that is available to us in Ballarat.   We have enjoyed rooftop bars, lakeside dining, some spicy Indian, gourmet pizzas and beautifully fresh Vietnamese meals.    We have, without exception, enjoyed friendly service and delicious food each night.  We may, however, not be so welcome back at the lovely Thai restaurant after eating them out of their week’s supply of chilli.  Revenge was had by the pizza restaurant whose legendary Johnny Cash “Ring of Fire” pizza beat the guys into submission.

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From a team building exercise, these nightly breaks have provided a strong basis to build on the team culture and dynamics as we have the opportunity to brainstorm and discuss across our shared table and experience.   It is also teaching us to be creative as we work through the complexity of requirements : Spicy vs No so spicy, vegetarian, gluten free.

Some of our favourite experiences are :

Indian :

Vietnamese :

Pizza :

After work drinks :

Friday night drinks :

Sunday brunch :

Vegemite :

*While I LOVE my vegemite, the diversity of ways in which my colleagues are enjoying it is interesting.  Vegemite, jam and banana sandwich anyone ?


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