Ballarat : Birthplace of Australian Democracy

Even though it took place 160 years ago, the impact of the Eureka Stockade in Ballarat remains a visible influence around the city.

The Eureka rebellion is considered by some historians to be the birthplace of Australian democracy. It is the only Australian example of armed rebellion leading to reform of unfair laws. The Southern Cross flag has been used as a symbol of protest by organisations and individuals at both ends of the political spectrum.

In fact, Peter Lawlor, a leader in the stockade was the first Member of the Legislative Council in Victoria for the seat of Ballarat.  The closest pub to our accommodation is also named in his honour.

Due to a wrong turn on our trip to Sovereign Hill, we got to see the site of the Stockade the weekend before where the Southern Cross flag continues to fly.  This is also the location of the new Museum of Australian Democracy which houses the original flag.


Last Friday, after our visit to the Art Gallery, we found ourselves in Camp Street.  So named as the place where the Miner’s camped in the city.   The Trades Hall, a place for the miners, workers & union representatives have met for the last 100 years remains a beautiful building proudly displaying the Southern Cross flag.

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