I have a confession to make…

I’m a little obsessed with the Lord Mayor’s bling. Back home in the U.S., mayors do not get a special fancy necklace to wear. The Lord Mayor of Dublin is elected to office annually by members of Dublin City Council, to act as an ambassador for the city. He or she is given a “chain of office” that is expected to be worn at events and meetings.
Our Smarter Cities Challenge team had a photo shoot at our kick-off event with Dublin’s Lord Mayor, Christy Burke. I’m noticing that all of my colleagues followed the photographer‘s instructions and looked up to the sky (keeping with the solar theme of our project)– but then you see me in the middle staring instead at the Lord Mayor’s bling 🙂

mayor and his bling

We were invited to dinner at the lovely Mansion House a few days later, which is a residence available to the Lord Mayor to use during his term. The Lord Mayor wasn’t available that evening so his invited host for the evening, Ciaran Cuffe, wore a variation of the bling on loan. I wanted to ask to try it on, but decided to behave myself instead!

mansion house   mayor dinner  team pic at mansion house

During a tour of the exhibit of Dublin City Hall, I learned that the original chain of office sits safely in a museum case vault.the real bling


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