crunch time in Dublin

It’s hard to believe it’s only Wednesday – it feels like we’ve had an action packed week 2 already! Team Dublin is entering crunch time. We’ve completed over 30 interviews of subject matter experts (from city council to business leaders to universities to energy experts to community stakeholders), done site visits to see different spaces across Dublin (from public housing to office buildings to libraries to leisure centers to universities and gardens) and now it’s time to start formulating our recommendations.

Dublin has a significant amount of municipally owned urban roof space / real estate that is unsuitable for wind energy (which the #1 source of energy in Ireland). Our Smarter Cities Challenge is focused on evaluating the potential of this space as a location for solar. The Dubliners we’ve encountered have been extremely positive in their reactions to the topic – some have even taken matters into their own hands and experimented with solar PV in their homes and gardens. Technology readiness aside, there is a passion from Dubliners for sustainability and the environment – at all ages. For example, we heard some great ideas this evening from EcoUnesco (Ireland’s Environmental Education and Youth Organization). What an impressive group of young adults – all so passionate about the future of this planet and the role we need to play.

eco sign    ecounesco event

selfie group.ecounesco  city building


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