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Do the Right Thing was an anti-littering campaign in Australia when I was growing up.  It encouraged everyone to do that little bit extra to put our rubbish in a trash can or pick up litter that we saw lying around the street.  In its time it was incredibly effective in driving community awareness and culture change around taking pride in our environment.

The environmental movement in Australia started in Victoria – the state Ballarat is located in.  The Keep Australia Beautiful (Victoria) organisation was started by Dame Phyllis Frost in 1969 and the first environmental legislation in Australia was introduced in Australia in 1970.

We continue to see evidence of this strong environmental ethos in our interviews over the last week in Ballarat.  There is a high level of interest and concern to ensure Ballarat takes a proactive approach in holistically managing their waste across everyone we have met.  This is seen as an issue directly impacting the natural environment, the livability of the city and its economic future.  The great news is we have met with a number of locals demonstrating thought leadership in this area and we can see the future focus on this topic with new university courses in Sustainability being developed at the local Federation University.

As we head into the deep research, analysis and investigation portion of this project – it is great to know we are working as part of a long tradition of environmental consciousness and leadership in this area.

Check out some of the 1980s ads 

Federation University Bachelor of Sustainability 


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