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Since arriving in Dublin, we have been fighting a losing battle against food.  Hotel breakfast, followed by fancy lunch followed by [Ritz crackers/nuts/chocolate/sweets]* (*- delete as appropriate, or maybe not if you had all of these like me), followed by loooooonnnnng dinner, followed by hotel breakfast, followed by… etc. etc.

We could of course just eat a bit less, but then we would miss out on gems such as these fish & chips in the grounds of Dublin Castle:

Fish & Chips by the Castle

Coming from just over the water in London, I had decided to bring my bike with me on the ferry when I came over.  I’d already been for a quick ride on the first weekend, and after a week of food and hard work I was all set to go again this Sunday.  This time I had company – Mark from Dublin, and Javier from the team who had rented a bike almost entirely unsuited to going up hills.  Unfortunately we took a route involving a hill or two.

This lovely view over Dublin from the Stocking Lane viewpoint is nicely situated after one slog of a climb and before the next one. Javier and I are smiling because we think we are at the top:

Up the top of Stocking Lane

However, we did then  make it to the *other* top:


We did also manage a little sightseeing, including the Powerscourt Estate, which is pretty beautiful.

Powerscourt Inside Powerscourt

The estate has great views of the Sugarloaf.  Happily we didn’t try and cycle up that:

Sugarloaf from Powerscourt Estate

Eventually we were rewarded with a panino and coffee in Enniskerry, which is a bit like Peaslake in Surrey, UK – only more so:

Taking a break in Enniskerry

The ride back to Dublin hardly involved any hills at all, and we got there just in time to make the bus out to Malahide Castle (because SCC teams like to keep busy)…

View from Malahide Castle


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