Get to know the SCC Dublin team

It’s hard to believe we met only a week ago upon arriving in Dublin from Mexico City, London, Mumbai, Bangalore and Austin. This Smarter Cities Challenge team is comprised of four IBMers and two from our client HSBC, but those meeting us cannot tell who is who. Despite having varied life experiences and backgrounds, we have some common interests such as:

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  • our love of the outdoors. We took advantage of the sun on Sunday and headed a few miles outside of Dublin for a tour of Malahide Castle (watch out for ghosts!) & nearby village, plus two members of the team were brave enough to bike 60 km with Mark from Dublin City Council. Here’s a snapshot of what we saw along the way:

castleoutside of castle

malahidebike outside of dublin

  • we are quick learners when it comes to pouring (and enjoying) the perfect pint of Guinness.

sachin at guiness  certified guinness guiness tourteam shot at guinness


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