Louisiana cooking rocks! And now I’m an expert… or at least trying :-)

Last week the entire IBM Smarter Cities Challenge Team got the opportunity to go to a Louisiana cooking class. It served two purposes; firstly we learned how to cook great food, and secondly we got to see how competitive we all are. We were divided into two teams and then the game was on to see who cooked the best meal. We really are a disaster 😉 We started with a puff pastry with seafood etouffee which turned out really good for everyone. Ok, we did cheat by using prepared puff pastry sheets, but we did cut it so hopefully that counts for something.

Then we cooked a main course of BBQ chicken with sweet potato mash and green beans. And here we all really shocked ourselves by managing to do a killer homemade BBQ sauce. I’ve only ever used store bought and now I will never again. Homemade BBQ sauce is really yummy and not that difficult to make.

Finally we got to desert which was a totally scrummy syrup cake, and here is where we separated the men from the boys 😉 We had a competition between two of our team (you know who you are) where there was one clear winner. What is it with cake that makes it so tricky, however one of our team managed to bake a killer cake which was even more impressive since it was his first time ever baking. So now if he ever decides to stop working at IBM he knows he has another career option 🙂


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