Turn back time : Ballarat in the 1850s


Today we had the opportunity to visit Sovereign Hill in Ballarat.  Sovereign Hill recreates the first 10 years after the gold rush in Ballarat in the 1850s.   It is built on the site of an old gold mine and provides a great view into life back in that time.   Luckily I could share my skills in how to pan for gold learnt on the Gympie goldfields as a kid and encourage my colleagues in their efforts.  Unfortunately – we were not so successful in our efforts so we had to resort to buying our souvenirs to take home!

DSCN1239 DSCN1241It was interesting to see how the business and trades operated in the 1850s.  Victorians had a world leading coffee culture and a focus on skills development… even back then.  Our project offices for the Smarter Cities Challenge are based in the old Mines Institute.


With our focus on Waste Management, it was great to see Sovereign Hill taking a sustainable approach to their waste management.


It was a great day for us to learn more about the history of the area and enjoy the great weather and the local hospitality.


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