Can a vegetarian survive a trip to the steakhouse?

The answer is a definite yes, if it also doubles up as potato heaven. To start with we had some of the best shoestring fries. But that was only thee ginning.
Our table was soon filled with Potato Lyonnaise, mashed potatoes and sweet potato casserole. Though we filled our tables with other veggies and salads, this trip was one for the humble spuds.

The rest of the team were all praise for their steaks….. For me, it was all about the potatoes.



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4 responses to “Can a vegetarian survive a trip to the steakhouse?

  1. chaiwahwu

    I agree, the potatoes were very tasty.

  2. We went to Ruth Chris’ as it was started in Louisiana and we were advised that they had items that were unique to Louisiana which is true. The meal and the service was great which was wonderful as we were celebrating a milestone. #SCCBatonRouge