Check out our amazing office in Dublin

The last 48 hours have been action packed with interviews – from city council members to business owners to architects to professors to researchers and the list goes on and on! During week 1 of the Smarter Cities Challenge, the team is focused on collecting as many different viewpoints as possible to gain an understanding of what makes the city tick. More on what we’re learning about solar from the experts a bit later.

In the meantime, let me share why it’s so easy to get distracted in these meetings…the setting of our office is incredible! We’re working out of a high energy location right in the middle of Dublin city central.

The top of our building has a fantastic view…here’s a shot with Mark Bennett of Dublin City Council explaining the different structures surrounding us.


map with mark

Our conference room for the interviews is on the first floor of the building. We can see out of the large windows at street level, but others passing by cannot see in. A few passers-by have been caught checking their hair in the window mirror. My favorite was the group of school children making faces during a stop along their field trip.

kids looking in

Once these interviews are done, you might find me jumping on to the sightseeing bus that passes by hourly with tourists…

tour bus


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