Warm welcome by the City of Ballarat – Capital of Western Victoria, Australia.

Seems like we are off to a great start. We received a warm welcome from the City Council and Officers of City of Ballarat. People of Ballarat are absolutely wonderful and friendly. John Philips – Mayor City of Ballarat And Anthony Schinck- CEO of City of Ballarat, introduced us. The Morning was filled with excitement and energy as we discussed the intent of IBM Smarter Cities challenge and its application to the city of Ballarat. Our talented team of IBMer’s is tasked with analysis existing data to help the city make more informed decisions about their waste management systems. City council and officers have offered us their full support in finding and connecting with various city and state officials, regulatory entities, local universities and city energy and waste partners. The kick off event was hosted at historic city Town Hall with some members of City council, City officials, Faculty from Federation University, Media and IBM. With a warm welcome at the kick off event, we experienced the same warmth with the citizens of Ballarat.

The issue of waste management has always been close to my heart, as an environmental enthusiast I have kept up with the science and innovation in waste disposal, which was a great exercise to keep up with technology and knowledge update. City planners however, have interesting constraints, which is far complicated than available technological solutions. Some of these constraints include ( but not limited to) funds, regulation, Politics ( local, regional and National), resident sentiments and so on. So our project is an interesting challenge with tapestry of complexities, each with it’s own control point. I am also hoping to learn a lot about the governance structure, policy framework and regulatory environment in this region, which is equally important to a waste management technology framework.

I am also humbled to work with a very talented IBM team. With a set of diverse background, business, industry and technology acumen, I think our team is armed with right attitude, with ability to invest time, energy and apply our collective knowledge to tackle any complexity. I do look forward to new learning in days ahead.

Below are some pictures of the City, our work in progress and event at Town Hall.

More as I learn….




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