Getting Down & Dirty with Waste Management


Even in a City as beautiful and clean as Ballarat, waste management provides a complex and critical challenge to maintaining the lifestyle and amenity  for residents.  Luckily, Ballarat has the support of a group of passionate, intelligent and committed set of stakeholders who have dedicated significant effort into understanding and planning around this topic.

Over the last three days, we have had the opportunity to meet with an extensive range of these stakeholders.  I have learnt so much in such a short time around the technology, economics and choices facing the city and the complex considerations which must be balanced in making the right decision for the citizens now and into the future.       The strength in the diversity in our IBM team comes to the fore with the breadth of skills and experiences combining with expertise shared by our subject matter experts in helping us all listen, learn and assess the waste management options for the city.

On a personal note, the warmth and friendliness offered to all of us by the people we are working with and meet each day makes us feel part of this wonderful community.


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