Ballarat Day 2

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We kicked-off our 2nd day with an introduction and reception with Mayor and Council at city hall. I was very impressed with the warm welcome and reception that we received from everyone. There was tremendous excitement and positive vibes throughout the room. It was wonderful to see the level enthusiasm and support, but also a bit daunting. They clearly have high hopes for us, and I hope that the team is able to deliver in a way the meets expectations.

We followed the reception with our first series of stakeholder interviews – speaking with the local power grid operator, the council CEO, and some of the other consultants that the council had retained to advise them around these projects. We are learning so much, so quickly with each discussion, It’s incredibly fascinating to dig into these topics – mapping out the waste management value chain, and drivers of regional economic development. It’s now 9:30pm, and the team has gathered after dinner (delicious and appropriately spiced Thai food) trying to synthesize everything we’ve heard today and distill the key learnings.

We have 3 more days scheduled of back-to-back interviews this week which will hopefully give us enough background to start planning out our recommendations for the city. More to come, and much, much more to learn.


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