Travel, Travel, and More Travel

Hi, I’m Mike Peach, and will be doing my best to blog regularly throughout our project and experience for the Smarter Cities Challenge in Ballarat. I’m kicking off my initial post from the Raleigh-Durham airport, and contemplating a very long series of flights as I make my way to the other side of the world.

Several of our other US-based team members have already made their way to Australia, and we will all meet-up on Sunday morning in Melbourne to make our way to Ballarat. It’s a bit daunting to completely step out of our day jobs for this three week engagement, but I’m also really excited to meet the rest of the team and get started.

We have quite a challenging task ahead of us – looking how we can use a smarter approach to waste management as a catalyst for economic development, but I’ve got a laptop full of background research to work through on the flight, and I know we’ll have a great support team behind us as we kick-off our work next week. Next stop… Melbourne.


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